CEO Enders Discusses Airbus Business

Andrew Parker, Aerospace Correspondent for the Financial Times, interviewed the chief executive of Airbus Group, Tom Enders, at the Farnborough air show. Enders discussed the competitive edge Airbus should have over Boeing now that they have launched a new version of Airbus’s popular A330. The A330 is more fuel efficient and has improved aerodynamics. Enders explained that the new plane will increase the range it can fly, creating for Airbus a stronger portfolio than they have ever had in the past.

Considering a new plane that is to be delivered to Qatar by the end of the year, the Airbus 350, the competitor with the Dreamliner, Enders discussed the difficulties of keeping up with demand so that they can fulfill the increasing number of orders for the plane that is expected.

Also discussed was how Airbus can compete better with the US defense market. Enders said that Airbus has resigned themselves that they are not going to be able to compete with the US defense establishment, but are happy to continue in their small niche. Airbus still owns the largest defense business in Europe, Enders emphasized.