President Obama Addresses the US-Africa Business Forum

In early August President Barack Obama spoke as the keynote speaker at the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit Business Forum, which was sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the US Department of Commerce.

Obama stressed the fast-paced growth taking place now in the continent of Africa. It is also one of the youngest continents in the world, in terms of the age of the population. Young Africans today are anxious to grow their economies and their businesses.

“We don’t look to Africa simply for its natural resources. We recognize Africa for its greatest resource which is its people and its talents and their potential,” stressed the President.

Obama continue to explain how the US is interested in partnering with Africa not only to be the beneficiaries of the wealth of resources found in Africa, but to benefit the entire world; the US and the African economies and beyond.

Listen to this speech and learn about the US hopes for economic cooperation with the countries of Africa.