US Taco Co Opens First Branch in Huntington Beach, California

An exciting new eatery, US Taco, has opened its doors in the iconic surfing mecca of California, Huntington Beach. Not quite fast-food, but not quite a restaurant either, US Taco is claiming its niche in the ‘fast casual’ upscale restaurant space.

According to Jeff Jenkins, the head of US Taco, the idea for this unique blending of good food with casual delivery was hatched by Taco Bell, the Mexican fast food giant, about 18 months ago. Jenkins was already employed by Taco Bell when he was given the opportunity to run with this idea. As he tells it, this was for him, the dream job.

About 6 months ago the idea became more public when Jenkins looked for their first location. He decided to look for an iconic location, and what is more iconic, Jenkins says, than “Surf City, USA!” The location is only 100 yards from the beach in Huntington Beach, a spot Jenkins believes could not be better to insure the restaurant’s success.