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screams in the luminotrek

Screams in the Luminotrek is a 2024 American horror thriller film directed by Victor Hastings and written by Isabella Monroe. The film stars Emily Hawke, Liam Davenport, and Ava Chen. Set in an isolated mountain town, the story follows a group of friends who uncover a sinister secret while investigating the legend of a haunted forest.


Screams in the Luminotrek begins with a group of friends—Sarah Mitchell (Emily Hawke), Jake Lawson (Liam Davenport), and Mia Wong (Ava Chen)—deciding to spend a weekend in the remote mountain town of Blackwood. The town is known for its eerie atmosphere and the legend of the Luminotrek, a forest said to be haunted by the spirits of those who vanished within its depths.

As the friends settle into their rented cabin, they meet local historian and innkeeper Eleanor Reed (Vivian Knight), who shares chilling tales about the Luminotrek. Intrigued and skeptical, the group decides to explore the forest despite warnings from the townsfolk.

Their adventure quickly turns into a nightmare as they experience strange phenomena: whispering voices, shadowy figures, and eerie sensations. They stumble upon an abandoned cabin deep in the woods, where they find an old journal that reveals the dark history of the forest—a place where ancient rituals were performed to summon malevolent spirits.

As night falls, the friends realize they are not alone. One by one, they encounter terrifying apparitions and are forced to confront their deepest fears. Sarah, determined to find the truth, pieces together the clues from the journal and discovers that the spirits are bound to the forest by a curse.

In a desperate bid to escape, the friends attempt to break the curse by performing a ritual described in the journal. The film culminates in a tense and terrifying showdown as they confront the vengeful spirits and struggle to survive the night. The film ends with a twist, leaving the fate of the friends ambiguous and the curse possibly still intact.


  • Emily Hawke as Sarah Mitchell
  • Liam Davenport as Jake Lawson
  • Ava Chen as Mia Wong
  • Vivian Knight as Eleanor Reed
  • James Harper as Sheriff Tom Miller


Screams in the Luminotrek explores themes of fear and courage, the power of folklore and legends, and the consequences of disturbing the unknown. The film delves into the psychological horror of being hunted by unseen forces and the bonds of friendship tested under extreme circumstances.


Development: Screenwriter Isabella Monroe was inspired by real-life ghost stories and folklore from various cultures. Director Victor Hastings, known for his work in the horror genre, joined the project to bring a chilling and atmospheric vision to the story.

Filming: Principal photography took place in the dense forests of British Columbia, providing an authentic and eerie backdrop for the film. The production utilized practical effects and minimal CGI to create a more realistic and immersive horror experience. The cinematography, led by Rachel Adams, focused on capturing the claustrophobic and unsettling environment of the forest.

Music: The film’s score was composed by Jonathan Price, known for his atmospheric and suspenseful music. The soundtrack features haunting melodies and unsettling soundscapes that enhance the film’s tension and horror elements.


Critical Response: Screams in the Luminotrek received mixed to positive reviews from critics. Praise was directed at its atmospheric setting, effective scares, and strong performances, particularly by Emily Hawke. Some critics felt the film’s pacing could have been tighter, but overall, it was considered a solid entry in the horror genre.

Box Office: The film performed moderately well at the box office, grossing over $80 million worldwide. It found a dedicated audience among horror enthusiasts and those intrigued by folklore-based horror stories.

Accolades: Screams in the Luminotrek received nominations for Best Horror Film and Best Actress in a Horror Film for Emily Hawke at the 2024 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. It won the award for Best Cinematography in a Horror Film at the 2024 Screamfest Horror Film Festival.