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American ‘Work Martyrs’ Do Not Use All Their Vacation Days

Good news from the world of business. Twenty percent of the S & P reported their earnings last week, and the news was much better than what had been predicted. General Motors, Southwest, and Comcast all showed good, or better than good, earnings reports. Initial jobless claims were below 300,000 for the sixth week in a row, a good sign for the labor markets. A report was released that showed that American workers are forfeiting $50 billion a year in lost vacation days. Fifteen years ago Americans were taking about 20 days of vacation each year. That number has shrunk down to only 16 days taken, even though they were entitled to more. The conclusion was that each year workers lose 4-5 vacation days that they could have had do to the “use it or lose it” policy. The British researchers that put the study together called those that don’t take their entire vacation package “work martyrs.”