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Made in USA and Proud

Randolph Engineering

Randolph Engineering

Making a remarkable turnaround with the help of some high profile customers, Randolph Engineering is proud to be still manufacturing their signature aviator sunglasses right here in the USA.

Headquartered in Randolph, Massachusetts, a town of 32,000, Randolph Engineering has seen some very hard times during the almost 40 years since they began making their specialty sunglasses for US fighter pilots. Invented by CEO Peter Waszkiewicz’s father Jan in 1975, the industry wnet from 90 percent located in America to only 3 percent of companies in America during the difficult 1980s.

“In the ’80s, everything went overseas. … We stayed. … And we love it and we’re on the forefront of bringing optical manufacturing back to this country,” Waszkiewicz said.

Randolph persevered, and despite many requests to move the country off-shore, they never left. Recently it has become clear that their decision was the correct one. Now, with the help of film stars such as Robert Redford in “Spy Game” in 2001 and Tom Cruise in the more recent “Oblivion” and the TV character Don Draper in “Mad Men,” Randolph’s specs have been increasing in popularity exponentially.

Today Randolph sends their eyeglasses to overseas customers, and they are designing and creating new designs every day, as well as new jobs.
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“In Japan, in China, in Korea, made in the USA really matters,” said Ekene Ofodile, senior vice president of sales.

“The whole ‘made in the USA’ movement is growing,” Waszkiewicz said. “We’ve had 60 percent growth in our employees since 2009.”

Sales are up and Randolph has been hiring new employees like crazy.

“We’re committed to manufacturing here in the US. … I mean, when you have a pilot flying a multimillion-dollar jet, you can’t afford to have a screw fall out,” he said. “We’ve been making eyewear for 40 years. We’re all about quality. We’re well-known for our quality and are so confident; we’ll guarantee our frames for life.”

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